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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 ===== Cura 2.3 USB Printing Not Working ===== ===== Cura 2.3 USB Printing Not Working =====
 +This was originally written for the Windows version of Cura 2.3.
 +For [[cura_2.3_usb_printing_not_working#​os_x_instructions|OS X (Apple) version]] see the bottom of this page or click the hyperlinked text.
 +<wrap lo><​wrap hi>//​Note:​ This isn't a reliable method but it does work sometimes at least for the Windows version. Unplugging and plugging in the USB cable is sometimes needed to get Cura 2.3 to see the printer. Even if Cura 2.3 does see the printer, Cura 2.3 may still not display the current status of the printer. Getting prints to actually start printing seems to fail more often than not. \\
 +Maybe this will help someone that wants to use Cura 2.3 and wants to spend the time experimenting.//</​wrap></​wrap>​
 Cura developer is recommending not to print through USB anymore. This part of function is now working as plugins module. ​ Cura developer is recommending not to print through USB anymore. This part of function is now working as plugins module. ​
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-==== Solution: ==== +==== Solution ​1: ==== 
-Comment out Line 301 will solve. File: C:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\plugins\USBPrinting\ \\+Comment out Line 301 will solve. ​\\ 
 +File: C:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\plugins\USBPrinting\ \\
 **Line 300-302: (Before):** \\ **Line 300-302: (Before):** \\
Line 39: Line 46:
 **Line 300-302: (After):** \\ **Line 300-302: (After):** \\
 +<wrap lo><​wrap em>Only Line 301 is to be changed by adding a hash character, #, at the beginning of the line.</​wrap></​wrap>​
 <WRAP box 600px left :en> <WRAP box 600px left :en>
Line 54: Line 61:
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-</​WRAP> ​+</​WRAP> ​\\ 
 +==== Solution 2 ==== 
 +You can also download an already modified file {{:​wiki:​downloads:​|}} and overwrite the existing file. Make a copy of the original in case something goes wrong. \\
 \\ \\
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 {{:​cura_usbp_menu.png?​direct|}} {{:​cura_usbp_menu.png?​direct|}}
 +===== OS X Instructions =====
 +<wrap em>//The following instructions were provided by [[https://​​bruce.desertrat|Bruce Johnson]]. Thank you Bruce.//</​wrap>​
 +OS X doesn'​t let users edit files in Applications packages without higher authorization. (This may be a 10.12 thing) Mac editing of​ Start Terminal. enter 'cd /​Applications/​​Contents/​Resources/​plugins/​plugins/​USBPrinting/'​ then enter 'sudo open -e'​ which will open the file in TextEdit.
 +Follow [[cura_2.3_usb_printing_not_working#​solution_1|Solution 1]] from above and then save the file.
 +After the sudo command you'll be asked for your password.
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