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 Reboot printer to complete the process Reboot printer to complete the process
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +==== M562 Z ====
 +<file gcode invert_z-axis.gcode>​
 +; G-Code generated by Matthew Upp
 +; Invert Z-Axis ​
 +; Possibly helpful if you need to invert the Z-axis after switching to a NEMA 17 motor and lead screw
 +; for Malyan M200 & MP Select Mini
 +; Lines with only a semicolon are for making line separations only
 +; Please add a blank line to the end of the file while editing. DokuWiki Code Blocks deletes blank lines at the end of the block but g-code files should end with a single blank line at the end.
 +M106 S1 ; turn fan off in case it was already on
 +M0 S2 ; wait 2 seconds
 +M106 S245 ; turn fan on to signify start
 +;  ​
 +M562 Z ; Invert Z-Axis
 +M500 ; Save currently loaded settings to EEPROM
 +G28 Z ; home Z to verify the Z-axis is inverted
 +G1 Z10 F1000 ; Move Z-Axis up 10mm to signify completion
 +M107 ; turn fan off to signify completion
 +M84 ; disable motors
 +M0 S2 ; wait 2 seconds
 +; You may need to reboot the printer to complete the process
 ---- ----
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