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These are not complete or official changelogs. As of this writing there isn't one.

Motion Controller

v51 - MC

“Pro”/V3 Only
v51 is not available for download. I prefer v50 anyways because the bed leveling probe points are further from the center of the bed. v51 for some reason probes 4 points in a small square near the center of the build plate.

v50 - MC

“Pro”/V3 Only
v50 - Motion Controller firmware for MPSM Pro/V3

v41 - MC

V2 Only
Build Date: 2018-JAN-24 09:31:06
First Tested: 2018-JAN-29
Available for Download: 2018-MAR-06
- Updated Hardware Ids

  • Vendor ID: 0x2e26
  • Product ID: 0x0200

- Windows 10, Device Manager listed under Ports (COM & LPT) will now recognize the printer as “Monoprice Mini Select (COM #)”“ and listed under Printers the printer will be displayed as ”Monoprice Select Mini“.

v40 - MC

V2 Only
Build Date: 2018-AUG-10 09:53:33
First Tested: 2017-AUG-14
Available for Download: 2017-SEP-18
- Modified heater runaway protection. If heating and sensor reading not changing after 30 second, will stop heating and (should) halt. (Something appears to have been happening when printing via USB that caused the nozzle temperature to continuously rise. Cause unknown but doesn't appear to have been a firmware bug that caused the temperature increase.)
- Fix cancel procedure. - (when pressing cancel twice during pre-heat, the printhead would start moving which required the MPSM V2 to be switched off)
- Fixed some USB compatibility issue with Linux/MacOSX system. Cura 15.##.# and Repetier-Host working on macOS. Cura 2.# and Simplify3D on macOS may not connect.

v29 - MC

V1 Only
- Minor bug fix.
- Add Mirror function which is intended for another model. The designed Y gantry is mirrored, so we can use M562 MY command to mirror Y axis.
M562 to mirror axis.
-A: If connection of X motor is wrong, caused motor direction inverted. Use “M562 X” to invert direction.
-B: If printed object is mirrored, you want to print letter “d” but get letter “b”. In this case, you need to install endstop to opposite end and invert motor. So use “M562 MX”, firmware will set coordinate to MAX when homing.

v28 - MC

V1 Only
- Unknown

v27 - MC

V1 Only
- Option to use a different type of thermistor on the heat bed. Added a few more thermistors options to the list of potential replacement thermistors.
M561 - Heat bed thermistor type
“M561 B P1” or “M561 B P0”

v26 - MC

V1 Only
- Add: M561 - Change thermistor type
“M561 P1” or “M561 P0”
- Fixed file reading error, software will retry open and read file again, but file pointer set to 0 by mistake causing printing progress jump back to 0.
- Enabled fan header for main board cooling

v24 - MC

V1 Only
(no date or download available)
- Unknown \\D

v22 - MC

V1 Only
- Reopen file if there was a SD card read error.
- PID parameters updated

v20 - MC

V1 Only
- Unknown

v18 - MC

V1 Only
- M303 (PID Autotune) connection lose bug fixed. If command M303 was sent printer froze or lost connection requiring the printer to be power cycled. - PID Autotune still didn't work well.

v15 - MC

V1 Only
- Unknown

v14 - MC

V1 Only
(2016-JUN-09 - date first made available)
- Unknown

UI Controller

v42 - UC

V1 Only
- Solved heated bed setting (unknown exactly what the fix did)
- Add the ability for the user to upload a custom Web UI.
- M566 - Rename cache file

v41 - UC

V1 Only
(2016-AUG-16 - unreleased)
- Added web-socket interface, use browser to access printer using WebSocket. This will allow faster communication with the printer using a web browser.

v39 - UC

V1 Only
- Bug fix - Fixed delay when WiFi connected.

v38 - UC

V1 Only
- Changed cursor color to red.

v37 - UC

V1 Only
- Updated Web UI - added buttons and temperature control / monitors. Version 33 only had an option to upload g-code.

v36 - UC

V1 Only
- Unknown

v34 - UC

V1 Only
- Bugs fixes

v33 - UC

V1 Only
- WiFi made available
- First implementation of Web UI

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