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This is an old revision of the document!

UI Assets Update

UI Controller Assets Update Process - ui.bin

June 30, 2017 - The “ui.bin” file has been removed because too many people were trying to fix their display after ignoring the warning messages about not updating UI Controller firmware with the V1 firmware if they have the new/updated UI (the colorful one). Doing so makes the screen black and non-functioning. Then trying to fix the display with the “ui.bin” file which also won't work and makes things worse. In most cases this can be fixed but not always.

If you think this may fix your problem, you can contact me in one of the following online community groups.
MP Select Mini Owners Facebook Group - Name: Matthew Upp
MPSelectMiniOwners subreddit - User: tiny_tim_
Monoprice MP Select Mini Google+ Community - Name: Matthew Upp

If UI on LCD panel becomes corrupted, please follow the procedure below to recover:
A blank screen, white or black is not a corrupted display.
A corrupted display will have jumbled or pixelated colored static like areas where the icons should be.

  1. Download ui.bin from the Google Drive share
    “Firmware » Individual » UI LCD » Corrupt UI LCD Fix » ui.bin”.
    (Also found in “Firmware » Packs » Firmware pack”)
  2. Setup WiFi
  3. Open web browser on computer, input http://printer_ip_address/up E.g.,
  4. Browse to the location where ui.bin was saved to and click “Upload UI”. DO NOT UPLOAD lcd.bin

Corrupt UI Examples


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