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This is an old revision of the document!

Updating UI Controller Firmware

Link to firmware:

Do not update the firmware before completing a few prints.
Updating the firmware before using the printer introduces another variable to the troubleshooting session you may have to go through.

Note: If you have trouble updating, please format microSD card or use another microSD card and try again. Try a microSD card that is 4GB or less formatted with FAT. The printer can be picky at which cards it will update from so try a few cards.

  1. Disconnect USB cable
  2. Copy the lcd.bin file to the micro SD card and put into printer while powered off
  3. Move the x-axis (x-carriage) all the way to the left making sure the endstop stays pressed in.
  4. Slide the y-axis (bed) all the way to the back making sure the endstop stays pressed in.
  5. Press and hold down the control dial/button
  6. While keeping the control dial/button pressed down, power on the printer. Keep the control dial/button pressed down until the fan on the hotend starts spinning (about 3-5 seconds).
    The LCD will stay black until the update process is finished which is about one minute or less. The LCD will turn on when the update is complete.
  7. Restart Printer
  8. Delete lcd.bin from micro SD card if printer keeps restarting.


Update not starting? Fan doesn't start spinning?

  • If the fan doesn't come on, check to make sure the x and y endstops are pressed in.
  • Verify the USB cable is disconnected from the printer
  • Format microSD card or use another microSD card and try again.
  • Try a microSD card that is 4GB or less formatted with FAT.
  • Try updating the motion controller firmware first. Older firmware version had problem updating the UI controller firmware.

YouTube link: - Updating UI Controller firmware

Behind the Scenes

A simplified version of what is happening at the start of the UI Controller firmware update process.
User needs to be pressing the button to force LCD module into recovery mode.

  1. Bootloader jump to main app
  2. Initialize all IO and read both X & Y endstops
  3. If both endstops are triggered, check microSD is available. Check 3 times, if failed go to standard boot.
  4. If microSD available and lcd.bin file exist. Turn on FAN to indicate updating has started.
  5. Re-initialize IO and upload firmware for LCD module.
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