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Glass Bed



Metric: 16cm x 13cm w/ 45° off each corner (13mm).
Inches: 6-1/4“ x 5-1/8” w/ 45° off each corner (1/2“).


Borosilicate Glass

Regular Glass


3/32” / 0.0925“ / 2.35mm
Doesn't have to be this exact thickness.

Some Possible Uncut Sheet Sizes to Purchase

6 beds - $5.68 ($0.95 each)
16” x 20“ x 3/32”
Home Depot

4 beds - $3.98 ($1.00 each)
12“ x 16” x 3/32“
Home Depot

4 beds - $3.38 ($0.85 each)
11” x 14“ x 3/32”
Home Depot

2 beds - $2.68 ($1.34 each)
10“ x 12” x 3/32“
Home Depot

1 bed - $1.98 ($1.98 each)
8” x 10“ x 3/32”
Home Depot

Note about Home Depot online listings:
Listings say thickness is 1/8“ or 0.125”, Reviews and personal purchase of in store product confirms it is 3/32“

Z Spacer

A “Z-spacer” may be needed but not always.

See the dedicated Z Spacer Thingiverse collection page or take a look at few listed below.

Monoprice Select Mini Glass Bed Spacer

MP Select Mini Z Spacer (customizable, no disassembly!)

MP Select Mini Z Spacer (snappable)

Glass Holders

There are many ways to attach the glass to the bed to prevent it from moving while printing. See the Thingiverse collection below or on the dedicated Glass Bed Clips Thingiverse collection page.

Silicone Thermal Pad

Another option is Silicone Thermal Pad.
400mm x 205mm x 0.5mm Silicone Thermal Pad for CPU GPU Heatsink

Adding A Glass Bed -
This is a pretty good guide on how to add a glass bed using silicone thermal pads. Is is meant for the Wanhao i3 and clones but should give you the idea.


Binder clips are an quick and easy way to clip the glass to the bed. You'll probably need to adjust the placement because the stock fan shroud can catch the binder clips in some locations.

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