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This is an old revision of the document!

Restore default settings

Resetting the MP Select Mini Firmware Settings/EEPROM

See Sending G-code for more information on how to send the commands below.

Restore Default Settings and Save

Example for using M502 to revert the MP Select Mini firmware to default settings

M502 ;     Restores default settings
M500 ;     Saves the settings to EEPROM
Reboot the printer

Rebooting the printer may not be necessary but it is recommended.

Temporarily Restore Default Settings

Example for using M502 to temporarily revert the MP Select Mini firmware to default settings

M502 ;     Restores default settings
M501 ;     Restores the setting currently stored in EEPROM. This is basically the same as turning the printer off and on.

Do not reboot (power cycle) the printer until you are ready to go back to previous settings. Turn the printer off for about 1 or 2 seconds to return to previously stored settings

M502` resets all settings/parameters to the default values of the currently installed Motion Controller firmware. These settings are sometimes altered by the user or slicing software although I suspect the latter is less likely to have occurred.

Most often the two settings altered by the users are the PID values and the Steps per mm for the extruder stepper motor.

Reset via WiFi

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