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Mainboard Cooling Fan

The MP Select Mini V2 ships with the mainboard cooling fan installed and enabled.

The information below is intended for the original MP Select Mini (V1).
The unpopulated fan header is intended for a mainboard cooling fan that will start if the board temperature goes above 55C.

The first version of the boards that had the additional fan header will not work without a small hardware modification (the first version were sent out between August and September but no dates were actually given).

Per support team the fix requires “reversing the small MOSFET (SOT-23) upside down to make it correct”. I ASSUME the one adjacent to the fan header. The “design engineer made a mistake that reversed the package”.

The newest versions being shipped should have this correction already applied. A firmware update may also be required. Motion Controller Version 26 should support the fan header for the board cooling fan.

Changelog MC v26

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