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-====== OctoPrint ​Serial Double Open Plugin ======+====== OctoPrint ​Connection Fix Plugin ======
 ---- ----
 +<WRAP center round info 95%>
 +//Having trouble connecting to your printer with OctoPrint? \\
 +This may be a solution/​workaround to your OctoPrint connection woes.//
 +[[https://​​OctoPrint/​OctoPrint-MalyanConnectionFix/​blob/​master/​|OctoPrint Connection Fix Plugin for Malyan M100 & M200, Monoprice MP Select Mini & MP Mini Delta, PrintFab3D ProFab Mini, PrimaCreator P120, SpiderMaker]]
 +Minimal OctoPrint plugin that performs a double open on the serial port to potentially work around issues with Malyan printers. Put file into ~/​.octoprint/​plugins and restart the server. Based on https://​​foosel/​OctoPrint/​issues/​2271#​issuecomment-352662485
 <WRAP center round important 95%> <WRAP center round important 95%>
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 } }
 </​file>​ </​file>​
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