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 **GiGDigit** - [[https://​​bearing-x-z-axis-mp-select-mini-v1-v2/​|Bearing - X/Z Axis - MP Select Mini V1/V2]] **GiGDigit** - [[https://​​bearing-x-z-axis-mp-select-mini-v1-v2/​|Bearing - X/Z Axis - MP Select Mini V1/V2]]
-<wrap lo>​**** - [[http://​​2BwUWeI|uxcell LM6LUU 6mmx12mmx35mm Linear Motion Bushing Ball Bearing]]</​wrap>​ 
-<wrap lo>​**** - [[http://​​2yUp6WF|LM6LUU 6mm Long Type Linear Ball Bearing Bush Bushing 6*12*35mm for DIA. 6mm Linear Shaft Rod]]</​wrap>​ 
 ---- ----
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