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 ---- ----
-<wrap lo><​wrap em>The following information does <wrap hi>​__NOT__</​wrap>​ apply to the Select Mini V2. Will update.</​wrap></​wrap>​ \\ 
 //Jump to the [[parts:​ui_controller_board#​replacements|Replacements]] section.// //Jump to the [[parts:​ui_controller_board#​replacements|Replacements]] section.//
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-==== Direct Voltage ​==== +==== V1 ==== 
-**[[https://​​shop/​3d-printer/​circuit-boards-and-controllers/​malyan-m200-ui-controller-board-replacement/​|MP Select Mini / Malyan M200 3D Printer UI Controller Replacement Board]]** \\ +**Direct Voltage** - [[https://​​shop/​3d-printer/​circuit-boards-and-controllers/​malyan-m200-ui-controller-board-replacement/​|MP Select Mini / Malyan M200 3D Printer UI Controller Replacement Board]] \\ 
-<wrap em><​wrap lo>NOTE: This board will more than likely ​have "​MALYAN"​ on the home screen.</​wrap></​wrap>​ \\+<wrap em><​wrap lo>NOTE: This board have "​MALYAN"​ on the home screen.</​wrap></​wrap>​ \\ 
 +==== V2 ==== 
 +**GigDigit** - **[[https://​​ui-controller-board-only-mp-select-mini-v2/​|UI Controller Board Only - MP Select Mini V2]]** \\ 
 +**GigDigit** - **[[https://​​ui-controller-board-with-display-mp-select-mini-v2/​|UI Controller Board with Display - MP Select Mini V2]]**
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